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hair cut? >> greg: they fell asleep at the wheel. i use the great acres analogy. obama's democrats are like the sexy zaza that could expense every vehicle they have. eddie arnold is the guy that always has to play the bills. we have zsa zsa gabor in the white house. it's great because in a sense they're our mother so they tell us thousand use the microwave. might be at night they give us a bedtime story and we get allowance from them through food stamps apt up employment. >> dana: the other thing they spend money on, you think it's easy to privatize the post office. maybe we don't need the usda to make the ads for us. college students are learning how to use a microwave. manual not being able to actually close saturday delivery for the post office, that that is what happened. >> eric: they are going on trips. >> dana: a huge conference. there is conference where there is golf. >> eric: $200 million here, somewhere. spend $2 million -- >> dana: $2 million, $220,000 to be spent on exhibit space. remember aig had a bail-out and there was a conference where they had spa pedicures for e
: it would be great if the obama administration simply released the information and told us what was actually happening. that would be great. but so far they have not been very forthcoming. and with a compliant mainstream media, people aren't asking a lot of questions. while the smoking gun is actually reporting the story about how blumenthal's e-mail account had been hacked and how the four e-mails that had been sent to hillary have now been distributed to members of congress and members of the media, they haven't revealed what's in the memo. >>brian: there is no information that's inside. you could say it would be great for the obama administration to come forward. but nobody thinks that personal interaction should be public. when you e-mail your personal friend and attorney, you don't want that to be published. >>steve: remember what happened with wikileaks and julian as sang and the guys at wikileaks, as soon as they got their hands on the stuff at the bush white house, let's put it out there for everybody to see. it's interesting to see what the people in the press, the restraint they're
it will be a great success story. obama will succeed. you'll see. >> brown: we will see what happens later in the week. we'll follow it. martin indyk, david makovsky thank you both very much. >> ifill: margaret warner is traveling with the president to the middle east. her first report tomorrow will examine the political and ideological rifts among the palestinians. >> woodruff: now, the latest in our series of reports about older workers. our focus this time: the interesting and sometimes perplexing dilemmas colleges and universities face as their teaching workforce is graying. economics correspondent paul solman was back on campus, part of his on-going reporting, "making sense of financial news." >> when my doctor or my wife tells me i ought to stop, i will stop. >> solman: 75-year-old former george washington university president stephen trachtenberg still teaches public service there. >> you guys are all working well togetherm and that's wonderful. >> solman: at george mason university, 71-year-old writing professor don gallehr is still teaching too. >> if the kids are happy and learni
and democratic leader nancy pelosi are there representing all of us. president obama at the white house yesterday. i was there when he introduced his nominee to be the next secretary of labor tom perez. good guy good man, he'll do a great job as secretary of labor. today the president is celebrating a sort of a delayed st. patrick's day with a big lunch celebrating the patron of ireland at the united states capitol and a big reception tonight at the white house and then the president leaves for that trip to the middle east. we have lots to talk about this morning, and lots you're going to want to talk about right here on current tv. billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than m
like that for the veterans administration for those who are back here. the obama administration has done with great stuff for veterans, employment issues, families, but when it comes to basic health care and treatment for these veterans, some of whom who haven't had their post-traumatic stress even diagnosed, we need a much larger initiative here. >> no doubt about it. michael isikoff, the final word. >> if there's any take away from all of this, it's -- and this is relative to what's going on today within the obama administration is the need for continued scrutiny of intelligence. the -- you know, secret intelligence has such an aura and mystique around this town and members of the press are so willing to accept it as gospel when we've learned time and time again how flawed it can be, how sketchy it can be. and i think, you know, when we -- whether it's decision to invade iraq or decision about drone strikes that might target u.s. citizens, or others. how well do we really know? how much can we rely on the claims from the intelligence community and the need to continually ask quest
are proud of their irish heritage. we presented one to president obama, coach kelly of notre dame university got one, congressman neil, and your great friend, congressman king got one last year. >> you traced it down to my mom's side. when i was growing up, i had the irish accent. my grandmom on that side had the missus doubtfire accent. >> pretty much anybody in the united states or globally can get a certificate of heritage. >> while mow? >> today is st. patrick's day, and the 40 until in the united states. >> there are 40 million of us. i'll be seeing you tonight at the american-ireland fund. that's a great cause. >> we've actually imported a lot of st. patrick's day over. >> it used to be just a religious holiday. >> there used to be three days in ireland where there was drink, christmas, good friday and st. patrick's day. thank you, senator mark daily. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. happy st. patrick's day. >> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show." i'm in for ed schultz. a republican senator comes out for gay marriage two years after his son tells him h
of their forefathers, the land that god gave to the jews and that narrative is something that obama missed completely in his cairo speech and so on this trip you will notice that he's going to go to lay a wreath not just on the grave of yitzhak rabin, the great warrior of peace, but also on the grave of theodor herzl, the founder of the zionist movement. he is going to identify with the founder of the zionist movement. i have to tell you frankly that i organized four presidential visits by bill clinton to israel. we never thought it was important for him to put a wreath on the grave of theodor herzl, but this is what obama's going to do and it's part of that effort which you'll hear in the speech, i think to connect his understanding of israel's right to exist as a jewish homeland to its ancient roots in biblical israel. secondly i would expect that he will identify with israel's struggle for survival and its sense of insecurity in a region of turmoil around it and make it clear that he has their back, that he will be in the trench
to cut social security and medicare? >> we saw president obama say last week, trying to build up good will for a grand bargain. we've seen the immigration bill. cenk: great. ginger, so first of all grand bargain is a horrible for progress you haves horrible. it cuts social security, medicare and dramatically cuts spending. that's what the president is saving up his capital for. that's awesome. the second thing you mentioned there was immigration reform, but ginger wouldn't it help republicans if the democrats passed immigration reform with the republicans saying it's ok latinos, they're on your side, just politically speaking. >> it could be an issue where they say do we lose, you know, you lose a wedge issue it's gone. one of the important things to remember here, too is that control of the senate, there are a number of democratic senators from conservative states, north carolina louisiana alaska. arkansas, up for election in 2014 and this is an effort to protect them, to keep them from having to vote on something that's not popular in their home state. cenk: that's absolutely right.
't say it is not a historical >> i just said the dude looked like obama. >> i watched a little of it and it is not bad. >> really? >> yes. >> i have heard micked reviews. mixed reviews. >> that would be a great name for a show, mixed reviews. >> and it has nothing to do with reviews at all. it is interracial couples. >> it is revue. it is mixed re view -- revues. and i would think it is important to point out that satan was kenyan. >> wasn't he moroccan? >> he looks kenyan. >> they all look the same to you, don't they? >> satans? devils? >> he was more rack can, but -- moroccan, but the president is kenyan, is that what you are saying? >> and a lady hater. >> by the way, i want to nerd out and no one will get this erches reference on the set, but i think he looks like mark leonard playing spoke's father. >> i got it. >> i was about to tweet that. >> lied. >> i wrote that on my blog last night and shame on you for ripping me off. >> i did a separated at birth at bill separated at birth .org. >> i said he looked like the emperor from "return of the jedi." it is a fun take on it.
heard from an example of why i'm optimistic about the future. scott walker is a great governor introducing great ideas -- [applause] all across america governors are doing the innovative, new, solution-oriented things which barack obama so -- is opposing in washington, d.c., and the contrasts couldn't be more vivid. but i came this morning because i need your help, i think the country needs your help, the republican party and the conservative movement need your help. we're in a 50-year struggle for the conservative movement in the republican party. let me be clear, the republican establishment is just plain wrong about how to approach its politics. [applause] the republican consulting class is just plain wrong about how to approach the politics. people who have been here like dave bossy, craig shirley, the work that alex is doing on concept of the new republic, all of these are beginning to raise the right kind of questions. monday the republican national committee will produce a report on the initial changes, and i commend chairman reince priebus for starting that process. tha
in the region. obama botched it. he not successful. he gave it and delegated it to the vice president. a failure. as a result, iraq is out of our hands. we have no influence. great sacrifice. i think that is sort of the most ironic tragedy of them all. >> bret: today there was an exchange between james rose an jay carney at the white house in which carney said that george w. bush was to be credited for taking out saddam hussein along with the u.s. military who were there obviously. is there an issue in looking back and seeing the good in iraq talking about it? >> the good is unmistakable. saddam regime, dynasty with this was the cruelest on the planet. sadistic government. it was the most aggressive. starting wars on all fronts. it's gone. iraq now is not a left. not exactly democratic. but it's not the hell that saddam iraq was. that is undeniable. the problem for americans the sacrifice was huge. and tragic. and strategic advantage which we hoped to gain to have ally in iraq was squandered at the end of the surge. >> bret: i spent 12 trips to iraq over time covering the pentagon and white hous
this world isn't big enough for the both of them. but we assure you - it is. bites. little greatness. >> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." we asked you earlier online what was your favorite cpac movement. we're overwhelmed with replies and palin reading a joke about obama's teleprompter teleprompter on a teleprompter. if you have a comment for the show send it to us. we have "trump the race card." are you sick and tired of being called you're racist and you know you're not one. kay carl smith advices those who are called racist all the time but deflect racists all the time by calling themselves frederick douglas republicans. it was going fine until the q and a section then scott terry a member of the white students union at to towson university began making a case for segregation when smith tried to answer things went south you pun intended. >> when douglas escaped from slavery i think ten years after he escaped from slavery he writes a letter to his former slave master and said i forgive you. for all the things you did to me forgive him for giving food and shelter and all of those
. the problem is, sean, when you look at president obama, it seems he doesn't want to recognize limits to any government power. i think we should stand for limits on government power and individual liberty. >> sean: i watched your speech live at cpac, and great speech, by the way. and you got a rock star welcome there and even some votes. you've only been in the senate for three months and you got some votes for those who would like to see you the next president. there have been questions raised about are you eligible to run for president. you were born in canada? >> well, sean, i'll leave those questions to others to worry about. i've been in the senate now for ten weeks and i've got to tell you, we're in the midst of battle every day with folks coming after our liberties and so my focus is 100% on the u.s. senate and standing up and defending-- >> your mother was a u.s. citizen just to clarify. >> that's correct, my mom was a u.s. citizen so i'm a citizen by birth. >> sean: i think that i hear birther cries building on the left if you ever run. all right, senator, thank you for being with u
. it's great seeing you. >> how are you, becky. >> good. people have come on the show and said because of obama care premiums are going down. you say get ready for sticker shock. >> i think the economy has driven that. and people fear of unemployment and slower economy people have less disposable income. so i think as we look forward i think the big impact is going to be on the individual market. as i have said before, based on all the things that we need to do, raising actuarial benefits from below 50% up to 60%, that's a 20% increase. including taxes and fees put on the affordable care act to pay for the people who are uninsured. that's another 5.5% to 6%. and normal trend, all of a sudden we're at 32% on average. >> if someone is trying to renew their health care coverage, they can expect 32% more? >> on average. >> what if they didn't have $64 -- you saw that early last week. insurance companies that ask corporations to pay that because you have to cover people that are really sick. how is that going to work itself out? why do you assist on that? >> we didn't insist on that. that's
an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them with the exhilarating is 250. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> in syria, both sides report the use of chemical weapons and this is where president obama says he draws the line. so what happens next? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >>> tragedy in training. seven marines killed during an exercise in nevada. we're hearing what happened in their final moments. >>> plus one researcher says it's possible to reverse death. why extinction may not matter anymore. >>> and -- ♪ is justin timberlake america's biggest male pop star in you'll hear the argument. let me begin with this developing story out of hawaii. a civilian defense contractor has allegedly passed secret information to his mistress, a much younger woman from china. brian todd is digging on this it one. what you can tell us? >> this man who was arrested, benjamin bishop, had top secret clearance, worked for a defense contractor doing work for the u.s. military pacific command
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)